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Natalie, Eighteen, Still Out of My Mind
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Who needs a boyfriend when you’ve got a Volkswagen? 💁😍 #vw #vdub #vertlife #powderblueperfection
Gave my baby a bath 😍 #vdub #aircooled #volkswagen #bug
#vdublove Engine block out, now can we please get that and the tranny back in? #vdub #vw
My baby finally hit 57,000 miles #vdub #aircooled
1968 VDub Bug

Sometimes I just sit in
Parking lots and
Look around at all the
Cars and wonder
Who really loves their
Like I do mine?

Did you park your
Honda that poorly
Because you suck at
Driving, or ‘cause you
Don’t want to get a
Little dent?

Is your truck that beat
Up ‘cause it was your first
Car when you turned
Sixteen fifteen years
Ago, or ‘cause it’s all
You could afford?

Did you put all those
Bumper stickers on the back ‘cause
You really love
Obama, or ‘cause you just
Bought it from a democrat?

Do you drive a
Stick shift ‘cause you
Like the way it
Feels (like I do)
Or is it ‘cause it
Used to be your
Mom’s and you
Got it at a discount?

Are you in that
Mercedes ‘cause it’s
Popular and fancy or
Do you drive it ‘cause the
Engine’s good and it’s
Your favorite color?

Sometimes I feel like
My car’s the only one
In the whole parking lot
Who gets her chrome

Bath time for Flor 👌 my #1968 #volkswagen #beetle #oldcar #oldbug #car #vw #vdub (Taken with Instagram)
My blog is like sadness and Volkswagens and cats and that is all.

Flor - The 1968 Volkswagen Bug
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Guys look my baby’s tumblr famous….kinda
This is Flor’s cute little glove compartment.
I look a little creepy but oh well that is my god damn car behind me so I don’t really give a shit!